Avios Soccer It is made up of a group of sports professionals who work together with other areas to cover all areas related to the needs of footballers.
The discovery and promotion of young talents is one of the main objectives of the company, guiding them and planning their careers.

At Avios Soccer we work in a family environment but meeting all the requirements of a company that manages elite soccer players.
All staff members have as a priority a real interest in people and their environment, in addition to professional training in accordance with the demands of the profession.

Our history

Avios Soccer Avios Group is part of a conglomerate of companies that has been working in the sports sector since 1995.

This group company was founded in 2005 whose function is to advise and promote professional footballers.

From our beginnings until today we manage the careers of important international footballers such as Emanuel Rivas (since 2005), Iván Borghello (since 2006), José Sosa (since 2007), Marcelo Carrusca and Emiliano Papa (since 2008) who gave the start initial to a structure that today has more than 40 athletes.

Player Services

Nuestros futbolistas cuentan con asesores especializados como preparadores físicos, nutricionistas, asesores de marketing entre otros profesionales para el mejor desarrollo de su carrera. Junto con una estrecha colaboración y comunicación con el club del deportista siendo esto uno de los más importantes pilares de nuestro trabajo.


Satisfy the needs of athletes and their families by accompanying them in their personal development.


Coordination in collaboration with the club, issues related to the media and its image. Advice and collaboration with social networks.

Financial advice

Provide advice on matters related to your financial planning, at different stages of your career.


We approach and work with different companies which facilitate the development of our athletes.

Avios Group

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